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Your health and drinking water

Will drinking softened water deprive me of essential minerals?
The Water Softener Centre - food you eat
The short answer is no. All your mineral requirements are satisfied by the food you eat, not by the water you drink. People who live in Cornwall, Wales or Scotland and other soft water areas do not suffer from mineral deficiency because their water is naturally soft, and neither will you when you have a water softener.

How much sodium is there in softened water? Typical examples are - two slices of bread contain 375 mg, and two glasses of milk contain 325 mg of sodium. For comparison, an adult in a average hard water area drinking 4 pints of artificially softened water per day would add only 310 mg of sodium to their average daily intake. (sodium ions, not salt!)

Information above extracted from the independent Consumers’ Guide to Water Softeners by British Water.

The Water Softener Centre - food you eat
To put things in perspective, in a cup of tea or coffee there is more sodium in the splash of milk than there would be in the softened water. Unlike the USA or the rest of Europe, in the UK there is a recommendation that means where practical a tap must be left un-softened in the house. In practice this means a third hard water mini tap at the sink. The two main pillar taps are softened and the mini tap provides un-softened water. Fact sheet: Softened Water and Health

Can I drink water from my water softener?

Everyone can drink softened water unless they are on a medically supervised sodium restricted diet like kidney dialysis patients or a bottle fed baby on powder feed less than six months old. It makes a stronger flavoured tea or coffee, you don't get a 'skin' on it and you don't get scale in the kettle.

The fact is unlike naturally occurring soft water, softened water has no link to increased occurrence of cardiovascular disease because it has exactly the same amount of dissolved solids in it as hard water. All we have done is exchanged the metal ions of calcium and magnesium that cause scale and soap scum for the metal ion of sodium that does not. In fact, Gall stone treatments include the advice to drink plenty of softened water.

Download a copy of the independent Consumers Guide to Water Softening here.
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