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My Water softener trade-in service


Price Less
My Price £ Deposit £ £ Monthly DDR for 12 months 0% APR
C−6AVSM4 1219.00 285.00 934.00 240 57.83
C−11AVSM4 1260.00 285.00 975.00 240 61.25
C−15AVSM4 1299.00 285.00 1014.00 240 64.50
C−20AVSM4 1340.00 285.00 1055.00 240 67.92
Connection to existing site & environmental disposal £0.00    
5 x 10Kg tablet salt delivered, worth £47.80 included free £0.00    

September 2023


Trade-in water softeners are currently running a waiting list due to current demand. Sorry!

The next step

If your considering trading-in, let's talk. Phone now on 01672 497272 and we'll make some arrangements to suit you. This is because we'd like to have a quick look at the site first. It will ensure a smooth trade-in or upgrade process without any hitches.

If you are not sure just sent us an email and we'll be pleased to help. Just click here.

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