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Easy water softener purchase options

1 Outright Purchase

All our water softener models can be financed over 12 months INTEREST FREE, 0% APR. Alternatively we accept bank transfer and all major credit cards without surcharge.

Our pricing policy reflects the high standards expected by today's discerning homeowners. We deliver service beyond your expectations. It's been our policy since 1982 and will be remembered long after the price has been forgotten.

spread the cost

2 Trade-in

Why not trade-in your old water softener. Your old water softener can be used as a trade-in against a new Ensign.

We have a fixed trade-in value, regardless of age or condition of your old ion exchange water softener.

3 Rent now, buy later

Rent your Ensign Water Softener now on a home trial for 3 months, then option to buy and get 100% rental payments rebate off the original purchase price with balance over a further 9 months INTEREST FREE, 0% APR.

The monthly payment is by DDR with £95 held as a refundable security deposit. Installations must be purchased.

This is great way to try an Ensign water softener without commitment or great expense.

The benefits of the Ensign rental service

Purchase prices

Trade-in prices

Home Trial rental prices with option to buy later

Water softener models. What are the choices?

Some last thoughts on price - in a commercial world.

What now? Why you shouldn't buy one now.