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British Company Established 1982
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Hard water in the UK map

Hard water map in UK soft Soft to moderately soft:
0-100 mg/l CaCO³

hard Slightly hard to moderately hard:
100-200 mg/l CaCO³

very hard Hard to very hard:
above 200 mg/l CaCO³
softest in the country
For comparison:

Your Ensign water softener will reduce water hardness right down to

14.3 mg/l CaCO³ or less.

This makes your home one of the softest in the country.

How hard is the water where you live?

Try some of these water company links and enter your postcode to find out.

Affinity Water
Bournemouth & West Hampshire
Bristol Water
Severn Trent Water
South East Water
Southern Water
Thames Water
Wessex Water

Not sure? Find your water company.

salt monitorYou wouldn't drive a car without a fuel gauge would you? Then why own a water softener without a salt monitor... (more)

Ensign established 1982 Ensign established 1982

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orion mini tapHard water mini taps for water softeners

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