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Non electric Water Softeners

Try this simply experiment

Here is the result: Hard Water + Ion Exchange Resin = Softened Water

No electricity was used!
non-electric softening

The uncomfortable truth

The ion exchange process of water softening is completely non-electric. The term non-electric water softener is simply a marketing term used by the mechanically controlled water softener people to try to imply that all the others are ‘electric’ and therefore must be bad. The truth is the water softening process in all ion exchange water softeners is non-electric.

In the marketplace, the real choice is between mechanically controlled water softeners with cogs and gears to count the litres and electronic controlled water softeners with frictionless electronics to count the litres. Neither choice uses electricity to soften the water.

non-electric items

For example, a non-electric water softener is mechanical and uses cogs and gears. Fact: With 4 people in the household in October 2022 it would save 21p of electric per month compared to an electronic controlled, frictionless water softener, but would use 34p more per month of precious water running down the drain. Also block salt costs more than 10kg tablet salt and they it don't have the user convenience of the completely automatic salt monitor. See Running Cost Comparison Data.

21p per month

Something's are better non-electric and something's are simply not. Fancy any of these non-electric items? Thought not.

electric multifunctional tablet
electric multifunctional tablet
non-electric washing machine
non electric multifunctional tablet
non-electric calculator
non electric calculator
non-electric iron
non electric iron
non-electric washing machine
non electric washing machine


Ensign Water Softeners use the non-electric ion exchange softening process. No electricity is used to soften the water.


Our 12volt electronics are used to keep the time of day, count the litres used, keep checking the salt levels for you and let you know when it's running low. That only costs about 21p a month in Oct 2022. All done with no cogs, no gears and no wear. No power is used to soften water, only run the electronics.

Running cost comparison data

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Ensign handy electronic salt monitors

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What are the choices

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