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Water softeners are sized to the number of people in the house, or more accurately how much water is used in that property rather than the size of the house. Currently we have 4 domestic models ranging from the single person household, up to a 18 person home.


Model Minimum No. People Most economical No. People Maximum No. People
C-6AVSM4 1 2 3
C-11AVSM4 1 4 10
C-15AVSM4 1 6 13
C-20AVSM4 1 10 18

The C-AVSM4 Water Softeners are self setting

Ensign Water Softeners will accurately measure your water consumption and automatically set themselves every single day to match your actual water demand. Recharging only when actually needed, never too early, never too late.

They are intelligent meter controlled machines with advanced look ahead technology so they cannot get caught out like earlier generations and do not suffer the tiny capacity of the mechanical twin tank designs. They use an Ensign enhanced 460i controller.

Uniquely, a state of the art remote salt monitor will rather cleverly even alert you when the salt tank is getting low about seven days left before it actually runs out.

For convenience, a high efficiency salt tank LED light will show you whats going on and turn itself off when you're done.

4th generation of water softener

Ensign water softener

September 2023