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What are the choices

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Ensign - The Water Softener Centre

Water softeners are generally sized to the number of people in the house using the water, rather than the size of the house. Currently we have 8 domestic models ranging from the single person household, up to a 18 person home.

Water Softener Capacity
MODEL Minimum no. people Most economical no. people Maximum no. people
C–6AVSM4 1 2 3
popular choice
1 4 10
C–15AVSM4 1 6 13
C–20AVSM4 1 10 18

Ensign - The Water Softener Centre

There are two distinct types of water softener model in each size, the C-AVSM range and the E-range.

Water Softener Type
C-AVSM4 models
Meters water. Self setting, never too early, never too late.
Economy range
These are intelligent self setting meter controlled machines using an Ensign enhanced 460i controller. They will measure your actual water consumption and automatically adjust themselves daily to match the actual water demand. Never too early, never too late with advanced look ahead technology.

Uniquely, a state of the art remote system monitor will show you what's going on and rather cleverly will even alert you when the salt tank is getting low and there's only about seven days left before it runs out.

A high efficiency brine tank LED light will show you whats going on and turn itself off when you're done.
Economy based electro-mechanical time clock machines that rely on the user to set an interval of regeneration in anticipation of water usage.

The user will have to check the salt levels themselves periodically by lifting the lid and looking inside.

Ensign - The Water Softener Centre

There are two distinct types of Water Softener; the C-AVSM4 self setting meter control models and the E time controlled economy models.

Water Softener Features
Feature C-AVSM4 models
Top of the range: much more than a conventional water softener. Meter controlled.
Economy range. Timer controlled.
Meters water
Self setting programme
Softened water production
10Kg Tablet salt consumption
12v operation
High flow rate up to 81litres/min. Suitable for combi & megaflow boilers
Remote system monitor
Automatic brine tank LED light
Automatic low salt warning
automatic salt monitor

Ensign - The Water Softener Centre

Model dimensions. Pay particular attention to salt refill height as this is the bit you need to access about once per month.

Water Softener Dimensions
MODEL Width Depth Salt refill height Height
C–6AVSM4 23.5cm 47cm 33cm 53cm
popular choice
23.5cm 47cm 43cm 64cm
C–15AVSM4 23.5cm 47cm 56cm 79cm
C–20AVSM4 23.5cm 47cm 76cm 97cm

Supplementary water softener dimensions:
automatic salt monitor


salt monitorYou wouldn't drive a car without a fuel gauge would you? Then why own a water softener without a salt monitor... (more)

Ensign established 1982 Ensign established 1982

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