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Alternatives - the non-salt water softener


Magnetic devices have been around for over 30 years and are not a new item. In more recent years, electromagnetic devices have joined the affray. New companies come and go frequently and offer a variation on the same theme. Characterized by the external coils of wire, their claim is that it is possible to induce micro nucleus seeds of scale to form in the water stream thereby reducing the amount adhering to the metal pipes. They do this by creating a tiny electromagnetic field with simple wires wrapped around the incoming water pipes in the house.

Although it doesn´t work for everyone, the company has shown in private behind closed doors that it is possible using a highly sensitive scientific process to actually measure some degree of nucleus seeds of scale forming. The actual real-world effectiveness and degree to which this has happened has never been publicly available and although it is thought to be undetectable to the layman, the company freely admits that ‘some people are happy with this degree of softening’.

magnetic gadgetReal world physical effect or just a placebo effect?

Such a gadget may cause the unsuspecting to believe the treatment will improve their situation; and their belief may produce a subjective perception of a softening effect. However, the scale still forms and the lather isn't better but that belief can cause them to feel their situation must have improved. The superfluous flashing LED´s lights add to the drama and this phenomenon is known as the placebo effect. It is a well documented physiological effect.

Again and again we are approached by ordinary, intelligent human beings that have taken the magnetic gadget route. They complain that the scale still forms and they can´t see any difference with the soaps and lather, saying ‘it's not like the soft water in Cornwall or Scotland’. They say they are a ‘waste of money’ and don´t actually do anything’. The shortened money back guarantee periods offered exacerbates the situation.

It's one of the biggest frustrations we face at Ensign. Continuingly meeting people who have succumb to the hype and rhetoric of the magnetic and electromagnetic gadget suppliers. All we can do is be sympathetic and add their old device to our growing collection of failed gadgets that now covers all the currently available brands.

The shortcomings of the non-salt ‘water softeners’ gadgets are becoming increasingly apparent to the public at large who are begining to realise these products are more psychosomatic than physical.

FACT: As one of our newly converted customers put it:-

‘The performance of the Ensign water softener has to be seen to be believed.

The other one (electromagnetic gadget) had to be believed to be seen.’

fools gold caution real gold

Pyrite, (fools gold) on the left and genuine gold on the right are not the same to the wise. Nobody but a stooge would recommend a magnetic or electromagnetic gadget when they´ve seen what a genuine salt regenerated water softener does.


salt monitorYou wouldn't drive a car without a fuel gauge would you? Then why own a water softener without a salt monitor... (more)

Ensign established 1982 Ensign established 1982

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