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Ensign water softener features


Money saving

Descales, less energy required, less consumables

Time saving

No scale, no scum, less cleaning

This works! Satisfing performance

Gratifying fulfillment, lots of bubbles, softer skin, a touch of luxury, 100% genuine article, see and feel the difference straight away, No kidding

Technically advanced

Fully automatic salt monitor, self-setting, meter controlled with advanced look-ahead technology: never too early, never too late

Quality construction

GRP, trim, stainless steel, zero corrosion components

Rock solid reliability

Time-proven since 1982

Lifetime customer support services

Outstanding, priceless after sales customer support

Total Running Costs Comparison data

Not all water softeners are the same

Genuine guaranteed without the fine print compromises

Unlike some, this guarantee also includes labour, call-out and fair wear & tear so there are no nasty surprises with the Ensign guarantee

My Water softener Home Trial And 100% Rebate

Not sure? Try it in your home first for 3 months, no catch

Delivering better value for discerning home owners like you since 1982