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British Company Established 1982
prices include std delivery and vat
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Water Softener How Much Do They Cost

Money Saving
Descales, less energy required, less consumables.
Time Saving
Less cleaning, no scum.
Satisfing Performance
Gratifying fulfilment, lots of bubbles, softer skin, a touch of luxury.
No Kidding
This works. 100% genuine article. See and feel the difference straight away.
Technically Advanced
Self setting, automatic salt monitor, meter controlled with advance look-ahead technology.
Rock Solid Reliability
Time-proven since 1982.
Customer Service
Outstanding, priceless aftersales customer service.
FACT: Ensign Water Softeners use a non-electric softening process.
FACT: The 12volt electronics keep the time, count the litres used and control the salt low monitor only. That costs about 15p a month.
FACT: No power is used to soften water.
Delivering better value for discerning home owners like you since 1982

Prices - Water Softener Purchase warranty
6 Months Interest Free Credit 0% APR
Model Sub Total VAT @ 20% Purchase Price £ GBP Example:
C–11AVSM4 £1096.50
15mm installation £160.00
C–6AVSM4 879.58 175.92 1055.50 Amount £ GBP 1262.50
C–11AVSM4 popular choice 913.75 182.75 1096.50 Period in months 6
C–15AVSM4 947.92 189.58 1137.50 Deposit 126.28
C–20AVSM4 982.08 196.42 1178.50 Balance to finance 1136.25
E–6 727.50 145.50 873.00 Monthly DDR £ 189.37
E–11 761.67 152.33 914.00 Interest paid 0.00
E–15 795.83 159.17 955.00 Total payments 1262.50
E–20 830.00 166.00 996.00 A.P.R. 0%

Rent now and buy later brochure and price list spread the cost
Professional Fixed Price Installation with water softener purchase Typical fixed price, professional installation by Ensign installers includes:
  1. Routing all water and waste connections as required, siting water softener on ground floor
  2. Hard water Duo mini tap in chrome or colour to match existing taps
  3. 5 x 10Kg tablet salt delivered and stacked worth £33.00
  4. Electrical connection if required
  5. Pressure limiting valve if required
  6. All sundries
  7. Labour for 1 person for 1 day. Exceptionally, extra person if required £105.00.
  8. No hidden costs
Rising main size Sub Total VAT @ 20% Purchase Price £ GBP
15mm138.33 27.67 166.00
22mm 138.33 27.67 166.00
28mm 138.33 27.67 166.00
Optional Extras with installation  
Option Sub Total VAT @ 20% Purchase Price £ GBP The Water Softener Centre - prices
Water Softener installation

April 2017
Std Duo hard water mini tap 0.00 0.00 0.00
Upgrade to Intertap mini tap 20.17 4.03 24.20
Upgrade to Multi style mini tap 26.12 5.22 31.34
Upgrade to Atlas 3–way replacement kitchen mixer tap 191.03 38.21 229.24
Outside installation frost box 108.33 21.67 130.00
New outside garden tap fitted 31.90 6.38 38.28
Exceptionally, second installer or 2nd day of installation 87.50 17.50 105.00

Bills are payable on completion of work and can be paid by bank transfer, debit card, credit card or interest free credit option. Typical credit example given is a complete water softener system installed using the popular model C–11AVSM4 and 15mm installation VAT inclusive.

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salt monitorYou wouldn't drive a car without a fuel gauge would you? Then why own a water softener without a salt monitor... (more)

Ensign established 1982 established 1982

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