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Advanced remote salt monitor and handy brine tank LED light

included with all Ensign C-AVSM4 Water Softeners

Built into every C-AVSM4 Ensign Water Softener is an automatic salt monitor which means it's the only water softener that automatically checks the salt level itself and lets you know about 7 days before it actually runs out of salt.

It provides a discrete bleep with adjustable volume and gentle blinking LED when your water softener actually needs refilling with salt within the next 7 days. Also it lights up the brine tank with a high efficiency LED light so you can see what's going on and turns itself off when you are done.

There's no fiddly buttons to remember to press here, the Ensign remote salt monitor and brine tank LED light are reliable, time-tested and completely automatic.

I think the remote salt monitor is a pretty smart idea for a Water Softener that's out of sight behind closed cupboard doors.

In fact, it leaves those mechanical block salt water softeners in the dark ages!


water softener C–11AVSM4
The smart salt monitor and handy new brine tank LED light was first developed by Ensign in 1990 and is connected with CAT5e computer network cable. It is fitted as standard on all Ensign C-AVSM4 models.

Automatic low salt warning by Ensign.
automatic salt monitor

A wise person once said ...

“owning a water softener without a salt monitor is rather like owning a car without a petrol gauge, because you're never quite sure when it´s going to run out and let you down”.


salt monitorYou wouldn't drive a car without a fuel gauge would you? Then why own a water softener without a salt monitor... (more)

Ensign established 1982 established 1982

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