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Non-electric water softeners
the uncomfortable truth

ion exchange resin

Try this simply experiment

1)    Put some hard water in a glass
2)    Add a small quantity of Ion Exchange Resin
3)    Stir the water with a spoon

Here is the result.
Hard Water + Ion Exchange Resin = Softened Water.


Ensign Water Softeners use a non-electric softening process. No electricity is used to soften the water. This is because all water softening is non-electric.

The term non-electric water softener is simply a marketing term used by the mechanically controlled water softener people to try to imply that all the others are ‘electric’. The truth is the water softening process in everyones water softener is non-electric.

In the marketplace, the choice is between the mechanically controlled water softeners with cogs, gears or mechanical pressure drop displacement meters to count the gallons or electronic controlled water softeners with frictionless electronics to count the gallons. Neither choice uses power to soften the water.

An Ensign water softener uses 12volt electronics to keep the time, count the litres used and control the salt low monitor only. That'll cost about 15p a month, with no cogs, no gears and no wear.

How to make softened water

salt monitorYou wouldn't drive a car without a fuel gauge would you? Then why own a water softener without a salt monitor... (more)

Ensign established 1982 established 1982

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